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Is Demonic Possession a Reality Today?

Here is something which will hopefully get the ball rolling in this blog:
Is demonic possession a reality still today? Or is it merely an idea of a less civilized, mistaken, or even gullible society?

What about those in psychiatric institutions who no one can seem to help? Is it because some (not all) of these people may be demonized but no one is willing to consider this as a possibility and so they remain in bondage (and drugged up on medication).

What about those who practice occultism such as magick, spell casting, and calling upon spirit guides, etc? Are they opening themselves up to the risk of demonic possession?

And what about the Church? How many Christians today believe in this phenomena and how many would be willing to deal with it if they came across it today?


Anonymous said...

Hello, a friend of mine on a Christian forum posted your testimony, and I just finished reading it. There was a reply with this link in it. I must say the testimony is amazing, thanks for writing it. It made me feel secure with God, more so than normal. God bless you.

On topic-
I'm not sure whether or not I believe in the possesion, but if it *is* reality, I think I would be willing to deal with it. I mean, maybe under the exact circumstances of being faced wtih it, I would change my mind, but I should hope I have enough faith in God to not fear those spirits. Or at least be able to confront them or something.

Anonymous said...

i believe that it's definately a possibility, i wonder just HOW MUCH control can demons have?

Revpipster said...

I believe Demonic Possession is around today. It is taught in the Scriptures and many reputable Christian leaders and teachers have written, testified and recorded evidence of it today.

What does have to be understood is that 1: There are those out there who blaim everything that goes wrong on the Devil and Demons! That is wrong as it gives too much honour to Satan and it means some are too busy blaming and casting out devils that they fail to actually look to solve real problems in their lives.
2: I believe that A True Christian cannot have a Demon but can be demonicly oppressed! If a person claiming to be a Christian has a demon cast out of them, then they need to be lead to Christ at that instance because what part can the Holy Spirit have in sharing one of it's temple's with a demon! They need to invite Jesus to be Lord of Their life as though they were New Believers, to secure their salvation and prevent 7 worse demons coming back! Secondly a Christian may be under oppression because they are doing such a good job for Christ that Demons are attacking them; they might be Christian's but have strayed or are remaining in their old ways so are under spiritual attack due to sin or rebellion; OR they could be under God's hand and God is trying to prove something to someone in the heavenlies or to that person to build their Charactor e.g. see JOB. To try and cast Demons out that are not in there and that God has allowed to attack that person actually puts one at cross purposes with God! Use dissernment!

There could be more things to consider but for Believers in Christ - Demonic Oppression is more common that Demonic Possession.

iain duncan said...

There is no reason not to think that demon possession is still an ongoing reality in the world today.
I agree with the comment made that a Christian cannot be demon possessed.But I would challenge the Ellel Grange definition of 'demon oppressed'as being too ropey.
Within certain circles of Evangelicalism (especially among charismatics) there is too much paranoia about this subject and a great deal of superstition.

Anonymous said...

I am a born-again christian, filled with the Holy Spirit and well read in the scriptures but have not had a church affiliation for a long time since I relocated geographicly. My daughter who is saved also but not walking with God and is haunted by terrifying demons who speak to her regularly and sometimes control her actions. She is under alot of deception because sometimes the spirits disguise themselves as Jesus and give her instructions that are obvious lies, but since she is not aware that it is demons and not Jesus, I can't convince her. I think she is suicidal, they tell her to kill herself or to cut herself and she is tormented with terrifying nightmares and visions. I am sure she is possessed but I don't know where to find help. I have been praying for her and over her, but it is getting worse. I am concerned that we are running out of time. If I have her Baker-acted (out of desperation for her to be constantly supervised), I know she will be diagnosed schizophrenic and then she will just be confined and drugged. Do you know how I can help her? I live in Jacksonville Florida.
Please respond. Donna

sarah said...

hi,ive just finished reading your book.i am currently on the fight from the occult to being free from a demon through christ.I started hearing a voice and having strange things happening at home,realising this was a spiritual experience i started investigating and practising the occult as this is what i was lead too.i trusted this spirit and didnt tell anybody about the things that were happenig to me.The spirit gradually, over a year, took over my mind and thoughts and i also tried to take my own life 3 times.After being taken to hospital from taking an overdose i told the psychiatrist my problem and am now currently diagnosed with psychosis.i am still in a fight to get rid of this demon through prayer and church.I told my vicar about it and have gone through the steps to freedom in christ.i am getting better everyday with Jesus and will soon be free.

sarah said...

I wanted to reply to donna who has a daughter currently possessed by story is just underneath yours in the comments and i advise for her to do what i did and renounce any practices she may have been involved with and go through steps to freedom in christ which stops any strong holds the demons have over her.I also have a list which i repeat everyday which tells me to renounce the lies which the devil uses to decieve me about God and to repeat the truths about God,this works!!.the demon i have also pretends to be God and Jesus and tries to get me too change my life through lies.I have split with my partner because of this but if you pray to God everyday and read the bible everyday God has been quickly delivering me over the space of a year.I have been possessed for 2 years nearly now,I am also expecting a baby in 3 months time but i know that God is with me will rid this spirit for is a process that i have to struggle with everyday and somedays the demon does win but over time i become more free and after the tears comes psalms over and over as it gives you confidence.please feel free to e mail me as i know it is better to hear of people who have had the experience.I was glad to read Vincents book and to realise that im not the only person to suffer from this injustice.hope this has helped you donna and anyone else who needs help from demons.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I truly believe that demonic possession is a reality today because as was mentioned before, 'what about all the people that are locked up in institutions' labeled as crazy or mentally unstable? Perhaps some of their conditions are medical, but I believe that some are in demonic bondage and can only be freed by the power of Christ. I have an example. My husband is a nursing aid at a hospital and he is trained to work of different floors. One night they had him working in the 'psych ward' where they keep the mentally ill. Anyway, there was a patient there that is very violent and likes to spit at the nurses. She was kept in restraints due to her illness and violence. My husband was asked to assist in cleaning her up. My husband is a born again Christian who's been serving Christ since he was 17. Anyway, he walked into this woman's room and suddenly the patient locked her eyes on him. She became very still and had a very frightened look on her face. She said to my husband, "What are you doing here? I know who you are!" That day, my husband had gotten his hair cut and this was the first time he ever worked on this floor. The patient looked at him and said, "I like the hair cut you just got. It's nice. Please don't hurt me." Then she laughed and began cursing again at the nurses that passed by. My husband began rebuking the devil under his breath as he cleaned her because he would have probably been fired if he said anything out loud. Anyway, that's my bit of proof that demonic possession is very much real and very much ignored in this country.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is. I do not have time to share the details of my story, but believe me possession is real and it is ubiquitous. I was an educated professional with no history of mental illness, an unbeliever, and I experienced three years of hellish torment; demonic oppression and stark possession by a multitude of spirits. I went from doctor to doctor, with many diagnoses, but in the end there was not only no progress but no effect at all. I took drugs that should have put me out for days and there was no effect; in the end the doctors were baffled and even gave some academic presentations on the peculiarities of my case, and they were left offering no help to me at all. God did not give up on me, and only God freed me. The doctors could not explain my condition or my miraculous delivery, which happened through God's limitless mercy and grace. I feel that many details of my experience would cause more harm than good to make public; I know these demons intimately, their minds, their methods, their weaknesses. They spoke of many things, but it is impossible to know which are truth and which are lies. The experience was permitted by God, I am very sure, because it was the only way I woud ever come to repentance and faith in Christ. I was a skeptic and unbeliver and an enemy of God, and if I had not witnessed these things and several miracles with my own eyes I don't think I would have ever believed. I can readily spot those who are possessed rather than mentally ill, and there are many. I believe that even the mentally ill are often driven to their state by demonic attacks and influences, although not often to the level of possession. To address some points in the posts... I do believe that even Christians could become possessed if God permitted it as a trial to serve His purposes; there are many examples of such possessions in the lives of the saints. The common argument aginst this is that the Holy Spirit and the demon cannot occupy the same space, but that is an illusion that we create from our ignorance-- both the Holy spirit and the demons exist outside of space and time, they are spiritual beings not physical. Christians can sin, so how can the Holy Spirit inhabit the same body of sinful flesh and the same mind as the sinful desires and thoughts? I believe in both cases it pains the Holy Spirit to be in the presence of sin and evil, but He perserveres for the cause and benefit of the believer. Believing that Christians are immune to demonic attack is dangerous in my opinion; the dark ones often attack those who are close to God with the most hatred and relentlessness; their hatred of those who belong to Christ is unfathomable. Why does the Bible talk so much about war, and putting on the whole armor of God? Who are we fighting, how do we fight? If we are fighting the demonic, then how can we be immune to them? Our victory is not through immunity, nor through power, but through obedience to Christ and a willingness to suffer the worst they can deliver. Think of Job. Lesser attacks such as temptation can be escapted merely by resisting the evil ones, but more powerful attacks may have effects and consequences. Never underestimate the power and deceptiveness of the enemy, or the power and mercy of God. For those who asked how they might deal with facing the demonic; believe in Christ and His strength and protection, and not your own power and you will be fine if it is God's will. I get the feeling that most posters here are not Catholic, but the Catholic church has much experience in this area and it is a shame that we often ignore this wealth of practical wisdom collected over generations because of our doctrinal disputes. The experiences of her exorcists conform very precisely with what I have observed and perhaps would be a good starting point at understanding the nature and frequency of demonic possession even today, in my opinion. Gabriel Amorth's books do a great job of describing demonic possession in a theological context, but the Bible is the best teacher. May the Lord be with each of you and may you strive daily to walk in obedience to His Word.

Anonymous said...

One more comment about the possibility of a believer being immune to possession. We know from the prophets that the Messiah would win victory over evil, but without knowing the end of the story we would have thought His victory would come through Power and Strength and Invincibility. But he did not win victory in that way, by having immunity to all suffering, or by using His power or even the power of the Father to defeat those who opposed Him. He defeated evil by His obedience to the Father, and by patiently suffering for those who wronged Him. We are called to follow His example, and I believe that like it or not this is the role we are called to fill. Paul also speaks much of suffering, and that we should find joy to suffer for Christ. I'm sorry if I belabor this point, but too often I see leaders in the church acting as though we are promised a fairy tale life on earth in which God fulfills our desires, without suffering, and that we are protected from all of the effects of evil. This is exactly the opposite of what the Bible teaches us-- God does not exist to fulfill our desires, we live in this world to fulfill God's desires, we are not protected from suffering, we should be glad to suffer for Christ as a measure of obedience, our souls are protected from damnation, but our bodies are not protected from harm, even demonic possession-- do not fear the one who can destory the body, but the one who can destroy both the spirit and the body in Hell, rember that from Matthew? Satan is called the prince of the earth; until his time is done he may have dominion over the earth within the limits of what God permits, since Lucifer is given free will like all of us other created beings. The devils may harm or even destroy the body, even through possession and physical manifestations, but we need not fear them.

delivererfortheKing said...

My Lovely Wife and Demons

Dear Deliverance seekers,

My sweet wife was oppressed by demons as a Christian for a long time. It started many years before I married her. I married her even though she was oppressed by demons because I knew in my heart that I have authority and power of Jesus Christ and I am not afraid of many demons in her. My Agape Love of Christ has enabled me to love her unconditionally. My other strong Christian brother in Christ and I have battled many demons in her. At first, I approached my wife with several other split personalities. She had at least three personalities around her (schizophrenia). From time to time, it took us over three years to kick many demons out of her with the precious blood and authority of Jesus Christ. Finally, after many toils and rocky marriage, she got freed from most of the demonic problems through the wonderful Grace of God! Thank you Sweet Lord Jesus! P-r-a-i-s-e the Lord Savior! Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

of COURSE demonic possession still exists. foolish mortal. did you think We all vanished just because you invented science? HAH! you have much to learn. Our Chosen Vessel is upon the earth even now and even now we are gathering. Get ready for Armageddon baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Protestant believers might want to read Catholic books such as those written by Fr. Gabriele Amorth and Francis MacNutt. Visit for more. Neal Lozano is, I beleive, a Protestant writer on the subject too. I've seen first-hand the power of Holy Water and blessed salt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Im in the deepest trouble as the result of my contact with the occult. I am possessed and have fought hard to attain help. Unfortunately my efforts have met with failure.If anyone knows how to fight this extremely painful and tormenting experience or who to contact please contact me on a.s.a.p. Yes I can vouch that demonic possession is a reality today.

Paul Smith said...

Lucifer told Adam and Eve that you can be like God. Mormons believe they will become Gods. Making man godlike (a magical process) is covered in Aleister Crowley's book Magick in theory and practice.

Magic has angels in it, and Mormonism really has similarities to magic. Wikipedia John Dee, of the 16th century, had similar ideas like the Mormons. He would use scryers or crystal gazers to get into contact with angels. Seer stones (also crystal gazing or scrying) found in Wikipedia cross references to the Mormon religion and others like John Dee. Aleister Crowley had met his angel via his wife ( in Egypt) while opening up to contact Horus, an Egyptian God, which in turn brought them into contact with Aiwass the angel. The angel gave divine information to him which became the book of the Law. (Taken from Wikipedia) Crowley through sex magic and in a magic partnership with the beast 666, intended to bring in the new Aeon of Horus; the whore of Babylon. An Aeon is from the Godhead and brings a new age or era of rule under that Aeon. The whore of Babylon is the one that drinks the blood of the saints in the book of revelations. The aeon is a era in which Christianity would dwindle, and the intent is to completely eradicate Christianity. The eye of Horus is on the Mormon temples. (Taken from the Watkins dictionary of magic by Nevill Drury.)

The Mormon angel Moroni was conjured up at important times of the year every year for three years. That is the equinox. He gave Joseph Smith his revelations. The sword of the spirit apologetics has pictures and explanations for the symbols on the Mormon temples such as the pentagram and the eye of Horus. The pentagram is the official church of Satan symbol and was on Anton Levey's Satanic Bible. Is magic a religion. Does anyone get a weird idea of this whole form of religion.

A major reason to bring all of this up is to draw a contrast between Mormonism, Christianity and Catholicism. According to recent poll 52 % of the population believe Mormonism is mainly Christian. Further to show the massive deception for all of these years through marketing and public relations firms. Dishonest, deceptive misleading, lying are words that come to mind. Untrustworthy, unreliable. fraudulent are also words that come to mind.

The other religions have what they believe in, out in the open; no secret ceremonies or symbols of death.(removed from ceremony in the 90's) I have been open to reading almost anything and do not flip out over religions. I am however, very concerned with the Mormon religion because of the behavioral problems out here. I had a pretty good opinion of the Mormons dating back to the 90's. I have been drastically changed do to what happens here almost every day.

Salt Lake City messenger and Utah lighthouse ministry both contain documentation on the magic, crystal scrying and sheep sacrifices. The sacrifices were used to get the devil away from buried treasure for Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith Sr. was looking for treasure using magic and Joseph Smith Jr. said the devil made it sink away into the ground. Joseph Smith Jr. cut the throats of sheep and walked them around in circles in order the get the devil away from the treasure.

The baptism, anointing and sealing of Hitler by the Mormons is appalling. Himmler and other top Nazi murders were also baptized. See Hitlers baptism found on the Internet.

Millions of Americans died defeating Germans and twelve million Jews. What is the mentality of such people to baptize Hitler, Vlad the Impaler and others?

I can recommend the following websites. Otto Kernberg found on Wikipedia for psychiatric diagnosis manual. Abnormal psychology by Otto Kernberg is also found in Wikipedia on the Internet. Jerrold Post is former employee of the CIA and an expert on the malignant narcissist, politics and terrorism. This subject is beginning to show up the media, usually police investigative shows..

Kathy Krajco website contains; what makes the malignant narcissist tick. The Narcissistic personality disorder lie detector test is very good. These people are expert liars according to the article. Even the FBI has to deal with that; they call it fabrication of evidence. i recently came to understand from others in the library that someone has tried to "dead agent" me by saying I am paranoid. That is ridicules and as part of another situation; I plan to release my health records. I believe that would satisfy any questions.

These sites will give you a good understanding of the personality types now in large numbers in Orange County California.

It should be noted that virtually all police, department of Homeland Security are Canadians; and good percentage appear to be Mormons. If you are out of this area know that you will most likely contact a Mormon for information, if you call out here. That would include many churchs.

I have read an article, the month of may or June 2006, from the newspaper where Mormons "flaunt and systematically evade the laws." This is vital to understand in context of what happens here on a daily basis.

The North American Union is now being talked about. You can find many websites on the Internet regarding the above. It would be very important for any union or American to read up on the NAU. California the sixth largest economy in the world has virtually been given to Canada. All the surveillance on phone calls, e-mails, and visual surveillance are Canadians or some have at least spent substantial time up there before coming to California. I see it as discrimination based on religion and origin for myself. It is every day and evening. I also have an enormous issue with the malicious and juvenile use of the technology. Much of the time they do not have any forethought, prediction of consequence. (Read personality in the paranoid narcissist spectrum by D.T. O' Conner, department of justice studies). These people also will do it on purpose, like some kind of defiance disorder. I believe the next level of lawsuits will be on the sanity, reliability, benefit to the U.S. of these people that eavesdrop on U.S. citizens. It is just insane and harassing. every job that I have called on is put out on the street. I feel that often it is used destabilize my life or target my resources. It is like some sort chess strategy with more players being able to move simultaneously. I am limited by the power of one and my life style. I am not some enemy in a foreign country, I am not a criminal, I am not an illegal immigrant, I do not side with any terrorist groups. I am pro-law enforcement, patriotic, and a U.S. veteran. I am very against drugs and have discussed ways to limit access to alcohol, restrict availability to convicted DUI persons. One could make a law that the offender can not purchase any alcohol and if someone buys for them it is a misdemeanor. They could swipe their license at the liquor store or have a different color license issued. I am glad for the work that Mexico has done getting the large illegal drug manufactures. I am for the new FMRI technologies and others being developed. FMRI would read directly from the brain. The person is groved in prior to asking questions, that are critcial to an investigation. I could cut through red tape and would be useful in the FBI and CIA. Some of the investigations in congress and the senate could be expedited by such technology. Protections are vital if it is to be used at all. In the wrong hands a lie and cover up would never be found. People could go to prison and be innocent.

I am well trained in telecommunications and well rated, but have not been able to get employment. Control of me getting glasses once mine were stolen, money, clothing suitable for work are all target areas. With the assistance of those putting out my conversations, attempts to contact lawyers via e-mail and so on. I am familiar with the NSL from the FBI, yet I feel in the context of the information that I have; I believe that an inordinate amount of eavesdropping is on me. I am also familiar with the court case in Oakland California. The FBI and Oakland Police were ordered to pay four million dollars for investigations that continued without reason. Another is that I have not always been favorable to George Bush, however I try to stick with reliable sources of information not just critical information. I do discontinue reading at those websites if the information is just critical. I can and do revise my opinions. The truth is not necessarily found in the polarities;(Republican-democrat, liberal-conservative) which is why I read the different perspectives. Just because I read from a particular website does not mean I agree and I resent being stereo typified.

There are 131,000 paroled felons and perhaps 200,000 people convicted of misdemeanors here. I do not hear or know of anyone else e-mails or phones calls going out like mine; quantitatively. I am not a Mormon, but I was raised in the Christian faith. I stood up to the Mormons and their religious beliefs, that is what differentiates me from all the other people.

I am familiar with security agreements between countries and this information is published in book form found in the library. The SPP/North American Union agreements mention security issues as part of the agreements. As a U.S. citizen I would prefer U.S. citizens policing U.S. citizens and Canadians policing Canadians. I believe that I would get respect. Canadians are a different culture and the social order is not the same. People trained that way appear to ran it that way.

I had misdemeanor with probation that was concluded years ago. That was for possession of pistol in my car after a hiking trip with my children. In a rush I through the gun in the car. The girls were up the path and I was waiting for them. I thought I saw something and thought perhaps a snake was near the trail were my children would be coming down. I completely co-operated with the sheriff who simply saw me eating food late at night. I was contemplating were I wanted to stay for the following weeks. I have a camping ticket, which I found out is a misdemeanor; later.

My daughters lives are threatened daily and they do know how many cases of brutal slayings, rapes and beatings go on here.The California prison budget has been increased by two billion dollars recently. They threaten my children anyway and hide behind a wall. Mormons have what is called blood atonement, talked about by Brigham Young. William Heber Le Baron used blood atonement to kill people. Warren Jeff's said, it is not blood thirst to kill, if it's Gods will, then more or less you have to humble yourself to the task(paraphrased) The exact wording comes from Montel Williams Show. It was a recording of Warren Jeff's. Dan Lafferty is another Mormon (now in prison) that heard the Holy Spirit tell him to kill. Dan Lafferty the modern Elijah by, tells of the murder of a woman and her baby. The relationship to the Holy spirit and God is explained within the context of their Mormon beliefs in this article.

There grandiose cruelty and lying behavior (malignant narcissist) is very present here. I do not believe these people can properly measure the world around them through there grandiose persona. These individuals have a trait of believing that they are above the law! I did personally witness a policeman say that lindsi is dead. He was just under 17th street on Broadway facing south. The time was 5:54 P.M. September 24, 2007. I consider these people mentoring or emboldening others. I think the topic of entitlement which is covered under malignant narcissist is relevant. They have special entitlements, are above the law and their behavior feeds the fraudulent powerful self. I suspect that sociopathic traits are involved also. The sociopath, in my brief study, have their social order cross wired. Their relationships to society and life are cross wired. In there head they have perhaps unquestioned authority also. Dan Lafferty might have thought the same. He is now in prison similar to other crazy people like the Night Stalker. He (the night stalker) stated the he was beyond the understanding of of those at the court; that he was above good and evil. At that level there is no good and evil only his will.

Obedience to authority is a corner stone of Mormonism. I should say that I have done nothing except defend my children by making it known of the original death threats ; they keep growing or going on because of the police. I am simply stating what I hear from others. That is the the source of information and I beleive it is the police. From dog shit is in your mom to death threats to my daughter. I personally witnessed another policeman threaten my daughters' life. He crossed right infront of me on Washington and Sycamore. I had just talked to Grover Wooten and he gave me a dollar for a bus pass or for what ever I wanted. He did not want me to walk and I didn't care so I kept the dollar. The police car was near the corner of Washington and sycamore at that point. He mentioned the "buss pass" and that he "did not want me to walk" to my destination. This actually started right before getting to Washington on Sycamore. I saw a man in a white truck say variations of I killed Lindsi or Lindsi is dead. I also walked by the probation department on Main street, and I heard the same sayings. This is all following my original e-mails out of this area. I have reported these things and the incidents dwindled after talking to a South Orange County Sheriff. This was from the 1611 and 1615 Broadway street address where it all started in July of this year.

Mormons have substantial political clout and believe they can do what ever they want here.

I can tell that I am a father and I have all girls. My wife and I learned about natural childbirth techniques. I assisted in the birth of my first daughter and the second came out to fast. She used the Bradley method which means they roll with the pain. This all took place in the Laguna Beach area (the first birth) hospital in a natural setting. It is like a normal room without all of the stainless steel and large lights. There was a chair and a slight peek of the ocean out the window.

The child protection project is a good website to look into the world of abuse as part of polygamy. I believe that we need an independent counsel, from the Civil Rights District Attorney office to look into the situation here in California. The FBI would be another, since they investigate fabrication of evidence, corruption of police and political bodies. It will not be easy bypassing what is in place here. I would pretty much believe that some political muscle could be used to "cover" for the what happens here. You can not believe these people! I have seen so much staging to get people to perceive you a certain way and others act as a witness. Sometimes it is called hollow decking like the star trek series. Reframing is another tactic. People will re concieve there perspective and is used to turn people against another or release some information that can be harmaful to another. None of this is normal social evolution.

To whom may concern:

This article found on the Internet; called 25 tactics of truth suppression. It is valid and illustrates what I have experienced here in Orange County. Like I have stated it is not normal social evolution for people to do what they do.

Here is four of the tactics that have been used on me or about me.

Twist or amplify any fact to imply the opponent operates out of a hidden agenda or other bias. This avoids discussing issues and forces the accuser on the defense.

Invoke authority, claim for yourself authority, and present your argument with enough jargon and minutia to illustrate you are the "one who knows" and simply say it isn't so ( what Paul Smith says) with out discussing issues or demonstrating concretely why, or citing sources.

Emotionalize, antagonize and goad opponent. Chide and taunt your opponent and draw them into emotional responses which will tend to make them (Paul Smith) then look foolish and overly motivated; and generally render their material somewhat less coherent.

Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule. I cannot get some of the important things done.

My descriptions are brief, however the Internet article is an expanded version and it tells you how to cut through those types of deception.

I was trained as a Telephone lineman from the U.S. Army. I worked for General Telephone/Verizon for nearly twenty four years. I began to work in installation and repair, then ten years in switching services and twelve years in special services. I worked extensively in the digital network while in switching services. I was well rated, trust worthy and a reliable employee. I was rated overall excellent most of the time. I worked in the Police Departments installing or repairing data circuits and was trained on 911 emergency equipment repair. I worked in security conscience corporations such as Northrup, banks, main data centers and others. While married I lived in mission Viejo (upscale area) with a custom decorated home and had live in nannies from Europe and Guatemala. My neighbors were for example a deputy district attorney Jack Sullens, who has been to my home. A marine major and pilot across the street. I briefly new Jim Franks a Superior Court Judge before his untimely death. Ron and Collette Bukow were friends and dinner partners. Ron was Vice President and treasurer of AVCO Finance. We also met up in Germany while Ron was there on business and we were on vacation. Lynne McFarland is also someone that I knew well. She wrote the book; leadership in the next century. She met Reicha Gorbachev in Russia, briefly in an effort to promote peace. She interviewed many top CEO's in the U.S., which is in her book. I feel that my history is important do to the characterizations I feel could be used to "dead agent" me. Dead agent is a term used to describe killing a source of information. The agent is no longer useful and therefore is a dead agent.

I can work, but am opposed in every fashion. Every job call I make is put out on the street. Same with the e-mail. All the information can exploited (information is power) and the net result is that I can get no work and am consigned to poverty and shelter life! My income level is about twenty eight dollars an hour at Verizon. Bonnieville power plant was thirty two dollars an hour as a trainee, for similar work in the telecommunication and telemetry department.

PS: Perhaps in light of the FBI/Oakland police court case I may have targeted the wrong source. As I said I have read many political websites and have been very upset by what I read; for a short period of time. I can be opinionated and calm down or let go of being upset by disturbing news; knowing that everything is being looked into by the Senate and Congress helps. That politicians can be voted out if they do not represent the values, needs and wants of Americans. Good information is vital for the public and we have to be watchful of the media. They are owned by conglomerates and as you know work with politicians; to get favorable considerations for their companies. Grant me an enormaous tax break and see if I don't watch your back. It's an ugly idea, but is vital to have public inspection or knowledge of that sort of deal making.

Bush is depicted as fascist, red neck cowboy, that was spoiled and illiterate. Further that there were no weapons of mass destruction and no functional collaboration from the Iraq people. All of this was published in print or on the Internet.

When I see the pictures of these young soldiers crying over lost friends, my blood pressure goes up. People in this area riducling our dead or wounded soldier infuriates me.

An ethical and honest reason for going to war is different. I feel obligated to put my doubts in writing, to let others read all of the materials and come to their own conclusions. I found the truthout (2006 articles) particularly good for high level sources of information. I read many others to get a good contrast. Counterpunch, Forty one percent of Americans still believe the complete story on weapons of mass destruction. I know that HR 333 has details related to the WMD. The people on this resolution have questions. It has not caused the impeachment of Bush or Cheney. I must consider then that there is other information or considerations senior to it. You can be the decision maker once you read all the information for yourself. It cannot hurt to get clarity on these issues from the Government, once you have read everything.

Paul W. Smith

PS: Please excuse the patched together e-mail.

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I am trying to piece together what is happening in my life, and I stumbled upon your blog. I am being told that I have a demonic possession, and the very idea scares the crap out of me. I have had times were I didn't believe in God or maybe leaned more to the devil at one point in my life, and I have had times where I felt as though something was laying on top of me, and I couldn't breathe, but this was over ten years ago. five years ago, my 3rd son was born very ill, and remains very ill to this day. 1 year ago, I became very ill and still I have not been diagnosed with anything yet, but I get more and more ill every day. anybody want to offer any knowledge to my situation? I am very scared and not understanding how to fix what ever is happening to me?

dooge said...

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Anonymous said...

Stress and other human distraught can cause a person to feel isolated and depressed. Chemical changes can occur in the brain leading to halicuinatory experiences.

Specialists are discovering more and more of how our brains work. we are evolving. Young people who experiment with drugs and/or who have certain senstivities in the way they function are most vulnerable. The brain can play tricks.

It has happened to me without drugs just excessive stress and fear after the death of a friend and other life events i've not handled well.

At that time i was soon bombarded with well wishers with no idea of the damage done by saying things like i was possessed by demons or had some sort of evil taking over me.

I needed stability, support and not be fed anything on a head level more disturbing.

Medication can help some people return to stability and a good chemical balance in order to function. Good people around who are not fanatical and can bring a sense of safey is an ideal. People with skills and intelligence.

People pushing biblical stuff onto someone who is in an unstable state are insensitive and ignorant.

I stick to praying simply which i can when able - however debating about the differences in doctrination has very little to do with intellignet and ethical practices that can help us.

If i've lied in my life or make bad choices it has been because i've feared being ridiculed or punished by bullies or had stuffed forced down my neck or brain washed with stuff i cannot comprehend.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let every one know that I am going to pray for you especially those who have evil spirits or know people who do. I came across this while looking things up because I have a demon too, a deceiving spirit that pretended to be of Jesus. I wish I could give advice to the one who asked, but I don't have any at the time. I am seeking God trying to get help myself. I am thankful for God's goodness despite the circumstance in my own life.

Suzgal - What makes others and/or you think you are possessed? From what you mentioned I was a little confused. I'll be praying for you as well.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Does anyone know anything about the 'Shift of the Ages'. Recently my husband got into the New Age via the internet. Are there anyone who can shed some light on this so I can help my husband get off this thing. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I was tormented by demons for about 4 years (voices pretending to be Christ) i eventually sought help, through Bible study and renouncing satan and verbally challenging him to f*ck off, it worked and i have been free from these voices for ten years, but i must say those 4 years were the most horrendous years of my life. Thanks be to God.

JOY HEINEN said...


Soterios said...

Exorcising demons is the first step in a process which is painful and laced with suffering. That walk is called deliverance and is the same route to inner sanctity trodden by all the saints of the bible. Very few people achieve this state of inner wholeness because they don't take responsibility for their faith, and give up when the suffering becomes too much. The word tells us that only those who persevere to the end will be saved. It's not called a fiery trial for nothing!

In order for a person to be free of demons, they have to stand against the wiles of the devil which are manifested at night during sleep. The believer must walk in the full armour of God. The visions and dreams given by evil spirits need to tested by praying to God for truth of them, then must be refused. Sleepless nights and many tears are part of the rite of passage of those walking the way. Laziness will result in defeat.

The demons will hide from the believer and even speak into their minds making them believe it is God guiding them. The reason why the devil is called the counterfeiter, is that he can and will give the believer a spiritual experience to lull them into a false sense of security, which may result in massive deception. God does not speak to us in this way and the inner voice is simply the collective speaking of the indwelling spirits, also known as "sin living in us". The afflicted one at all times must be sober, alert and paying attention to what the heart is feeling, not following gentle whispers or spoken words.

The only route to freedom and inner healing is for the believer to be armed with the best books on the subject:

"War on the saints" by Jessie Penn-Lewis late released as "secrets of spiritual warfare"

"Remarkable Healings by Shakuntala Modi.

With this wisdom, and personal practical experience lived out each day and through remaining in the word, victory will be achieved.

Anonymous said...

there is a really good website, the paranormal church,
lots of people have experienced strange things,and we share and pray for eachother, as we r bornagaain christians
take a look.

Anonymous said...

2004, I practice wicca.. 2006, I became possessed by a demon who acted like anton levey. Could be his ghost? voices, wanted to kill me...destroyed me...Finally, 2007- I had a roman CATHoilic excersim...-freed-me .....

Anonymous said...

Demon possesion is a reality. I came out of the occult and have been going thru deliverance. I have learned alot about deliverance to the point where I have cast out demons from others. I have even cast out demons via the internet. I belive that something on the order of 1 in 100 people may be demon possesed.

These demons can enter us thru our own sins, trauma and even from the sins of our ancestors (generational curse).

I have met several christians who were also possesed. I know many believe that if you are saved and have thew holy spirit in you, that you can not be possesed. Experience tells me the opposite is true.

danschance said...

Is demonic possesion a reality today? ABSOLUTLY! I had some involvment in the occult and as a child I had a ghost in my room. When things got really bad for me I sought help. I was being tormented by a demon who called himself Baphomet. I didn't know where to turn so I went to a catholic church

To make a long story short, I found help in a deliverance ministry 45 mins from where I live. I am free from the demon and as a result of having gone thru deliverance and makeing frinds who have had similar experiences, I now help others go thru deliverance.

I have cast numerous demons out in person, over the phone and even over the internet. Some people who have had demons needed advance help and I refered them to the right ministry.

For those seeking relief from the torment demons cause...1) you must be or become a christian 2) You must whole heartedly determined to fight them because they wil fight back. 3) Deliverance takes time and it maybe weeks, months or even a year to be completly free of them.

Th enemy steals, kills and destroys. The enemy will drag you to hell and bring brokeness into your life. But we serve a loving and powerful God who will help you find freedom and peace.

Sumbmit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee. James 4:7

Leslie said...

My husband and I are both Christians, not currently practicing. We were devout active Christians for a long time, of the Baptist faith. I have studied the scriptures much over the years, with the mentality that demons must flee from the light. You would think, that if the light of the Holy Spirit is present in a believer, then any unclean spirit would not be able to enter or even get too close to a Christian.

Apparently we have been decieved.

My husband began seeing shadow people (as they are called), and I ridiculed him much for a long time. I thought that if he was close enough to God, that nothing would bother him. When I began to see and hear things, my belief system shattered. My husband gained the ability to communicate with them in his mind. One spirit came in the form of a little girl, who would sit in his lap and tell him how that she was murdered and such. They pretended to be people at first, I would imagine, to try to decieve us into thinking that perhaps the dead could at times be out of God's grasp. Confused, we entertained this idea for a while. We realized eventually that what was going on was probably demon deception, so we rebuked them in Jesus name, and asked them to leave. That's when things got ugly. On several different occasions, this thing posessed my born again husband and my seven year old son. For some reason, it would not mess with me, I don't know why. I don't know about constant posession. When it would posess my son, he would become violent, wild eyed, declare his hatred of God, and be unusually strong. My son was not saved at this time, so that makes sense to me. However, when it would take over my husband, his personality would change, he would also say things like "why should I care about God, He doesn't care about me." This was not like him. Later, when he would come back to himself, he would not remember what happened. All of this was taking place at our residence. After we moved, the activity stopped. I also discovered that during the time of all of this, my husband was having an affair. I wonder if perhaps the sin in his life is what opened him up to all of this.

For a long time, I have been resentful toward God for allowing this evil to enter our home. I have been angry and confused. I am realizing that I should not blame God because of my apparent misinterpretation of the Bible. I want nothing more than to find an altar and return to Him whole heartedly and repent of my disbelief. I still have alot of unanswered questions, and other unseen forces holding me back. We have tried going to church a few times to seek help, but most act as if demon activity is a foreign subject, even though they profess to believe in their existance. I know that the enemy has us right where he indended us to be. Defeated, confused, and out of communication with God. That's scary.

Would SOMEONE PLEASE PRAY for our family to be led in the right direction for HELP. If anyone has any advice, scripture references, website, etc. that might help, please e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia, ten years ago. He has chosen to use prescribed medications to deal with and avoid his unwanted feelings, as well as his rebellious nature. He has also chosen to not work, and has no other interests in life. As his mother, I am concerned, and I pray for him. I'm not sure, what God's will is for me, as his legal guardian? Am I supposed to give him spiritual guidance, and at times rebuke the rebellious spirits, or let him go alone on his own journey, he doesn't read his bible or have an active prayer time, nor does he have any christian friends to encourage him. I would like counseling for us both. I would like my son to get an assessment to see if he has demonic possession or demonic oppression? I have talked to him about this subject. He is open, for help! Please email me at: Thank- You!

Anonymous said...

My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia, ten years ago. He has chosen to use prescribed medications to deal with and avoid his unwanted feelings, as well as his rebellious nature. He has also chosen to not work, and has no other interests in life. As his mother, I am concerned, and I pray for him. I'm not sure, what God's will is for me, as his legal guardian? Am I supposed to give him spiritual guidance, and at times rebuke the rebellious spirits, or let him go alone on his own journey, he doesn't read his bible or have an active prayer time, nor does he have any christian friends to encourage him. I would like counseling for us both. I would like my son to get an assessment to see if he has demonic possession or demonic oppression? I have talked to him about this subject. He is open, for help! Please email me at: Thank- You!

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Tim Thompson said...

Hello my name is Tim Thompson,I use my real name and I have a minestry called Exposeing the darkness.I am an author and a speaker.What your about to read is true.Demonic possession is beyond being true its reality.See I was a satanist,racist,occultist than I became a psychic.I used to communicate with what the Holy words of God call familar spirits.Well one day my spirit guide said sense your girl friend is hurting us go ahead and crush her skull with a sledge hammer.See I was in and outr of 7 psyiatric wards and 6 rehabs.I came so close to being puit in to insane asylum 26 years ago.When I was 8 or 9 and my play mate spirit friends said can we come live inside of you and I said yes from that moment on I knew I was going insane.It is only through Jesus Christ mercy,compassion and grace I didnt commit murder.My book is called A PSYCHIC DISCOVERS JESUS.If you are wondering about demonic things please read this book before you get involved in any type of demonic activity.

Anonymous said...

I know this is years old, but I just wanted to add my testimony to this topic. I was saved in 2000, but a few months later turned my back to God out of my own selfishness. For 10 years after that, I was a Wiccan. One of the things my coven did was practice what is called "Goetic Magick", and it was literally contacting demons, including allowing them to possess our bodies for the sake of communication with them, and then we would ask them to do various tasks for us. My "high priest" did this type of "magick" so often that he would "allow" a particular demon to possess him at random whenever he felt like it, to the point where sometimes you had to guess "who was home". That was one of the things that got me to realize I was not in the right place spritually, and eventually led me to coming back to Christ.

theraineyview said...

I've been possessed. I know perfectly well it involves a trance but I also know it's more than just a trance. It's horrible. It was over 20 years ago, and when things like this post remind me of it I can still feel the horrific sensations. It has nothing to do with expressing forbidden feelings or any of that secular Freudian stuff. And it has nothing in common with epilepsy. People who've seen it can recognize it pretty easily; it doesn't look like anything else.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have been reading your comments and they are very interesting,,i am not a christian and believe totally that it is capable of anyone being possessed.I myself will admit to being possesed,(no this is not a joke or me mocking im being serious).apart from the obvious things i do and what goes on with me, i met with a minister last week to have a chat and i manifested a few times, for those that think it happened back in jesus time and not now read your bibles and ask yourself why would it be put in the bible about possession and how to deal with it if it wasnt for today, im only saying this because i have had christians quote to me many times that the bible is just as much for today as it was back then.
While with the minister it was suggested that i surrendered to jesus and get set free ,this may sound strange to you but i dont want to be set free like i told the minister they have been my comfort and help from the age of 10 im now 46..For the parent that thinks your daughter is possessed, i was diagnosed with that illness,its just a cop out for the docters because they dont know what to do about it, i cut every day and have on many many occations tried to take my life signs of possession,just because your daughter is born again doesnt mean she wont be possessed, anything could have happened before she became a christian that could have let spirits in,ie abuse,invlolvment in the occult,playing about with ougugi (sorry cant spell it lol) boards,going to mediums or fortune tellers.Unfortunatly if she dont want to be set free or not even believe in demon possession then there is nothing you can do about it,just continue to do what you are doing and pray for her, i know im not a christian but meeting up with christians and knowing how the spirits in me fear christians know how powerfull God is..Demons can and will have alot of power over people,one thing that windes me up is when someone says oh a demon will only have as much power as you allow them,well demons have every right to have as much power as they want because someone like myself has allowed that by inviting them in...I know im not a christian but i would hope that i could help in maybe answering questions about demons,if you would like to know anything about them just feel free to e,mail me at

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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tsimahei said...

Respect is due any spirit because we were made a little lower than they. But, it doesn't mean to be a rug, either. Best bet always is to get anointed and have prayer to cast it out. After that, what stronghold did you allow them to enter? It has to be demolished and that can take time. You then, if you believe Jesus, have every right to be free of them and you must bind them, then command because you are a king (no matter your sex) filled with the Holy Spirit and seated in Jesus at the right hand of the Father on the throne. this is God's perfect will, adding, as I am in Heaven, so I am on earth, a king. All things have been placed under your feet, including demons. Command them to bow to the will of god, and that is that you're free under the blood of the Lamb. then cast them into the outer darkness. This is how a deliverance ministry works it. I've seen it happen in my life and in others' lives. Peace to you, Amen.